"It's the tool I've been waiting for!"   

"Thank you for making a film that makes my job easier!"  

"My students loved it!"

Band directors, university professors, private coaches, and music teachers everywhere have been raving about Maestro.  Its 58 minute run time, fast pace, and star studded cast make it the perfect film to screen in a classroom or larger assembly.



After an educational screening in the Jackson, Ohio school district, a sample study of 100 high school students were surveyed after a screening of Maestro.  The results were astounding. 83% said "yes" to being more likely to attend a classical music concert after watching the film.  80% of the sample study also reported that they had "never been" to a classical music concert.  When asked how much they enjoyed the film with 1 being "I hated it" and 10 being "I loved it," the average was 8.  Other screenings at the university level and middle school level generated similar feedback from educators.

The classroom edition DVD is accompanied by a teacher's guide that with lessons that apply to art, history, and music.  Order your classroom edition of Maestro today!